The Biochemistry of Lust: How Hormones Impact Women’s Sexuality

With Some Tips on Hormone Replacement

Hormones and Female Sexuality. Looking at testosterone, estrogen and progesterone.
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Just What is a Hormone? Meet the Cast of Characters

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It’s a Friday night in the grand ballroom of a swanky hotel in Somewhere, USA. There’s music, dancing, rich food, and good wine. What’s not to love? The party-goers mingle and dance as the band plays. At the buffet table, brawny Testosterone is checking out the hot babes and scarfing down the chicken wings, while a dolled up Estrogen with her curves and cleavage sashays around the room flirting with all the party-goers. DHEA, an androgynous molecule who goes both ways, pontificates on the current political climate, while mopey Progesterone hides in a corner and naps…

Sex Hormones
Sex Hormones
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Progesterone (The Two-Faced Bitch)

Progesterone rises irritably from her nap and immediately regrets the decision. A pudgy, be-speckled young hormone, she notices Testosterone checking her out and thinks with disgust, “That douche-bag will do anybody”. But Progesterone isn’t taking the bite. She isn’t interested in sex most days, though sometimes she is. She is usually confused and isn’t sure who she is or what she needs. Most of time, she just wants a nap.

Progesterone Replacement

DHEA (The Androgynous David Bowie Hormone)

He’s young, he’s lean, and today, he feels terrific! But then, he always feels good. DHEA has enjoyed all the political debate at the party (he has a really sharp mind), the music, and the food, (good food is easy to enjoy when you don’t gain weight!) and the dancing (he has tons of energy). Estrogen is a really fun dance partner. DHEA is so easily bored though, so now, it’s time for a change…

DHEA Replacement

Estrogen (Marilyn Monroe: The Venus Hormone)

Estrogen holds court on the dance floor. She is having a ball flirting and dancing. Her ample backside swings with the rhythm of the music, while her satiny skin glows. Estrogen is a total package deal with a quick wit and a strong mind. But yeah, her physical allure doesn’t hurt either. She’s impossible to ignore. Her laugh is contagious, and her hourglass curves make all her dance partners weak in the knees. She’s not afraid to make a fool of herself ether, and she falls down a few times while dancing. But that’s okay, her bones are strong and resilient. She notices Testosterone checking her out by the buffet. Wow, he is soo gorgeous and sexy, he makes her all tingly. She can feel her panties getting moist. Um…

Estrogen: The True Lady of Lust?

Estrogen Replacement

As a side note, I keep visualizing a poor, pregnant mare being badgered by some pharmaceutical rep going, “Just pee in the bucket Seabiscuit; we need the money!” But I digress…

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

What Are Bioidentical Hormones?

Is Hormone Therapy Safe?

Testosterone (The Mars Molecule)

Testosterone is all twisted steel and sex appeal. This biochemical Christian Grey looks like he belongs on the cover of a romance novel. And all the ladies swoon at his muscular chassis dripping sweat on the dance floor. His bones are strong and his muscles are lean as he tosses his dance partner around like a rag doll and lifts her with effortless ease. She will be his lover tonight. He’s very sure of that. He’s already had few. His favorite hook-up so far was with Estrogen in the coat closet…

Testosterone Dependent Female Desire

Testosterone Replacement

In Conclusion

Meanwhile back in the coat closet…

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